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Works (click on red book title for further information on each work)

Taken By Bear in Yellowstone: More than a Century of Harrowing Encounters Between Grizzlies and Humans

Unique in this literature because it presents
• "attack" narratives
• victim and witness interviews
• official reports
• "statements" from officials and witnesses
• even the “radio logs” from transmissions between rangers
Each incident is told from the victim’s point of view.

Night Waking

Why I wrote this mystery:
A news report "Two Manhattan Career Girls Slain." The headline seems to imply that this is what happens to a young woman foolish enough to violate the traditional safety of women (protection by father and then by husband) by venturing alone into the career zone -- the big city.

Aguahega: the story of Acadia National Park (a novel)

What happens to the family Beal when their island home becomes a "summer place" for wealthy Americans, and then a national park? Three generations of Beal women test the limits of their traditional roles, wanting the once close-knit community of Maine's Aguahega Island and also the wider world into which the summer people disappear each fall.