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Taken By Bear in Yellowstone: More than a Century of Harrowing Encounters Between Grizzlies and Humans

Paperback with photos, drawings and maps. Available from the publisher: Lyons Press, bookstores and Amazon

"If you want the details of Yellowstone's bear attacks told in vivid detail, Snow's book is the place to go." --Stephen Herrero, author of "Bear Attacks," and leading authority on bear ecology, behavior and attacks

Chapter One. Fatality, 2015

"Among the creatures walking, crawling, or flying across Yellowstone National Park, he was just another being on the move, Lance Crosby might have thought. That sixth day of August 2015, a Thursday, Lance's off-trail progress caused other beings unseen by him to react to his human scent, sounds, and sight. One that reacted was a grizzly bear mother with two cubs born earlier that year. But she did not do anything unnatural, just unusual." Chapter continues...


Read the complete "Federal Investigative Team Report--Crosby 2015."
The National Park Service's case incident report on the Lance Crosby fatality is now up at: under Recently Added Material.

In addition, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Board of Review report is now posted at:

and the recommendations are posted at: