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Night Waking

Manhattan's Alex is young, beautiful and free. Then she is dead: a headline, a statistic, a serial killer's prey. For her roommates, Alex's murder is only the beginning. Now there is no safety in their lives, no security in their futures. Their emotions are shattered, their relationships twisted. Night waking is what is left.

"Suspense-filled psychological thriller" -Literary Guild

"Will scare the hell out of all but the most lionhearted" -Publishers Weekly

"A terrifying novel about paranoia" -Chicago Sun-Times

"Will grab you right by the psyche" -Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Continually engrossing" -Los Angeles Times

"Supremely suspenseful" -Doubleday Book Club

"Will have those little hairs standing at brittle attention" -Boston Post-Gazette

"Powerful and disturbing" -Mystery Guild

"Explosive shocker" -Fort Wayne News-Sentinel

"For thriller fans and serious literature readers" -Green Valley News, AZ

"The work of a real pro" -Houston Chronicle

"Keeps the reader guessing—entranced" -Syracuse Post-Standard

"Wrenching study of people under pressure" -Quote Magazine

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TRUE NATURE. PURE ADRENALINE. Reenacts the history of grizzly bear attacks upon Yellowstone Park visitors from 1870 to 2016.
"A terrifying novel about paranoia" --Chicago Sun-Times. "Continually engrossing" --Los Angeles Times.
All who saw Maine’s Aguahega Island wanted it: the lobstering family Beal versus the wealthy summer people, and finally the National Park Service.

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