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Welcome.  These may be books you've never heard of, sold in places you don't know.  But thank you.

2020:  What's new non-fiction
Taken by Bear in Glacier National Park, companion book to Taken by Bear in Yellowstone.  Includes 16 color archival photographs.
2016: Taken by Bear in Yellowstone

"Bear attacks are multifaceted, fascinating, and often chilling events.  Snow gives carefully researched and detailed first person accounts of Yellowstone National Park's bear attacks.  Her accounts and images inform and let readers draw their own conclusions.  You get involved in tough decisions such as what was done with the sow grizzly with cubs that killed Brian Matayoshi in 2011 in a defensive attack.  This bear was judged to have acted normally given the circumstances.  Ms. Snow gives accurate advice regarding how to avoid a bear attack.  If you want the details of Yellowstone's bear attacks told in vivid detail, Snow's book is the place to go."


--Stephen Herrero, author of the classic Bear Attacks, Their Causes and Avoidance, and leading authority on bear ecology, behavior, and attacks.




2019:  AGUAHEGA: a novel of Acadia National Park

Who owns Aguahega Island--the Park Service, the rich summer people, or the Family Beal?
Snow "is quite a good writer, capable of both humor and real soul-touching pain.  These people of Aguahega, whether driven (as are the sheep or eiders) or drawn (as migrating fish or birds) by their inherent natures to their fate, endure the aloneness we all experience:  islands."  --Martha May, author

2016:  from the University of Montana Press.
Searching for Bear Eyes, a Yellowstone Park mystery.

This mystery is narrated by the enigmatic X. Wenn, Yellowstone's Chief Criminal Investigator. A gifted tracker of bear and man, it's up to him to piece together the story of what may be a mauling by Wild Eye, one of the park's most fabled grizzlies, or the perfect murder. As X. inches toward a reality that he cannot accept, slivers of his own past come to the surface--lost love, shadows of an abusive childhood, estrangement from his son. He assembles the evidence with meticulous precision, but can we trust him to face the truth?

2010:  a new edition of NIGHT WAKING, Snow's previous mystery novel, was published by Random House U.K.  Originally published by Simon & Schuster, Night Waking sold more than a quarter-million copies, and was a selection of the Literary Guild, Doubleday Book Club, and Mystery Guild.