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Illustration of "Aguahega," courtesy of the artist Bryan Wiggins, which originally appeared in the Island Institute's book collection: "Killick Stones"

Aguahega: the story of Acadia National Park

"Snow has a powerful elliptical style, an ear for dialogue, and the imagination to become a major talent." -The Los Angeles Times

How does a working island become a national park, and at what human cost? Kezia Beal is the last of the lobstering Beals to be born on Maine's Aguahega Island. Her fatherís murder in a lobster war exiles her from family and birthplace. She returns a stranger: as foreign as the summer people, as new as the National Park. Should she leave the island or stay?

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TRUE NATURE. PURE ADRENALINE. Reenacts the history of grizzly bear attacks upon Yellowstone Park visitors from 1870 to 2016.
"A terrifying novel about paranoia" --Chicago Sun-Times. "Continually engrossing" --Los Angeles Times.
All who saw Maineís Aguahega Island wanted it: the lobstering family Beal versus the wealthy summer people, and finally the National Park Service.

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