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The single most important element in a writer's career is you--the reader. Without the reader the creative process of a writer would be a passionate hobby at best. To know you're interested in my work is a great compliment.

TAKEN BY BEAR IN YELLOWSTONE: MORE THAN A CENTURY OF HARROWING ENCOUNTERS BETWEEN GRIZZLIES AND HUMANS. Published by Lyons Press. Available from bookstores, Amazon, and the Lyons website.

"Humans and grizzly bears have been coming into contact in Yellowstone National Park ever since it was founded in 1872. Most of these encounters have ended peacefully, but many have not. In order to most accurately tell the stories of those involved in the more deadly incidents, Kathleen Snow went directly to the source: the National Park Service archives. With help from personnel at park headquarters, Snow has collected more than 100 years’ worth of hair-raising stories that read like crime scene investigations and provide hard-learned lessons in outdoor safety. A must-read for fans of Death in Yellowstone and anyone fascinated by human-animal interactions. " from the Lyons Press website (an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield).


SEARCHING FOR BEAR EYES: A YELLOWSTONE PARK MYSTERY. Published by the University of Montana Press. Available from bookstores, Amazon, and the distributor, Farcountry

Did a grizzly bear kill Melody Applegate? Or was it something else stalking the remote edges of Yellowstone Park? This mystery is narrated by the enigmatic X. Wenn, Yellowstone's Chief Criminal Investigator. A gifted tracker of bear and man, it's up to him to piece together the story of what may be a mauling by Wild Eye, one of the park's most fabled grizzlies, or the perfect murder. As X. inches toward a reality that he cannot accept, slivers of his own past come to the surface--lost love, shadows of an abusive childhood, estrangement from his son. He assembles the evidence with meticulous precision, but can we trust him to face the truth?

2011--Previous mystery NIGHT WAKING. Random House U.K. published a new edition of Snow’s novel, Night Waking, originally from Simon & Schuster, as an e-book and as print-on-demand. Night Waking sold more than a quarter-million copies, and was a selection of the Literary Guild, Doubleday Book Club, and Mystery Guild.